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If you are new to Sixley, we recommend checking out our hirer guides below:

How Sixley helps

Sixley is an online platform that makes it easy for you and your team to ask for and reward recommendations from colleagues, industry peers or your LinkedIn and other social networks.


Uniquely, Sixley allows everyone contacted about your role to apply, recommend someone else or share the role with their communities. By joining up the path of referral to referral, we ‘bridge the six degrees’ to a hire. 


We track every interaction and connect you with recommended people who are actively interested in your role. With full provenance, you can then decide whether you want to meet or reject applicants.


When a role is closed, every recommender or applicant is contacted. We automatically reward everyone in the path that led to your hire with Amazon vouchers or, if they prefer, with a donation to a charity of their choice. 


We believe that every recommendation matters, so we allocate some of the reward to a charity pot that’s voted on by unsuccessful recommenders. It’s a small way of saying thanks.


For our premium clients, we offer a range of integrated services designed to put referrals into every role. Through ClearTalent, we also allow them to automatically share roles with matched individuals from a range of diverse and specialist talent pools.

Sixley works across all roles:

  1. permanent
  2. contract 
  3. roles only open to your existing employees (internal-only) 


For permanent roles, you can choose whether to pay an upfront fee with rewards set by you payable on hire or to pay on a success-only basis. For contract and internal-only roles, you will be charged an upfront fee .


While we are based in the UK, we operate in multiple currencies and locations. 

Sixley is a powerful tool to help you ask and reward your network for personally recommended talent.


To get the most out of it, we suggest the following:


  1. Have a job description to hand when you fill in the ‘Post a Job’ section
  2. Prioritise the ‘job teaser’ and key words sections  – these are what people base their recommendations on
  3. Involve the hiring manager by setting them up as a collaborator 
  4. Make sure the hiring manager’s team are engaged and are put down as first contacts
  5. Use the LinkedIn buttons to identify people within your company and your own network who could help
  6. Use the social media links function to post on LinkedIn and relevant Slack or WhatsApp networks. Encourage your colleagues to to do the same.  
  7. Ask your Account Manager to set up your company referral boards. You can create separate, trackable and shareable boards for staff, alumni, and diversity groups.


Yes, Sixley can support multiple currencies. When posting a job; under the “setup” tab, you will find a field under “Salaries and Fees” where you can enter the relevant currency. Rewards will paid via bank transfers for recommenders based outside of the UK.

Account and users

You can register online with Sixley and get going on your job in less than a minute. When you post your first job, we’ll need to take a few more company details for compliance and billing purposes before your role goes live.



To take advantage of our premium features, you’ll need to set up a premium account. You can do this by contacting our premium accounts team at 

If you’re on an Enterprise subscription, you can add (or remove) users from your Administrator dashboard.


Otherwise, users can be added in two ways:


  1. The company account holder emails requesting that users are added (or removed), supplying their names and company email addresses
  2. A new user can self-register online as usual and we’ll check with the existing company account holder before adding them to the company account and allowing their job to go live

You don’t need to pre-register collaborators e.g. hiring managers. See more about collaborators in the ‘Posting a job’ section.

Please contact your account manager or email support at to change the admin user of an account.

Pricing and payments

Our pricing is designed to fit in with your hiring model. So you can pay:


  1. a £149.99 upfront fee + an ‘on-hire’ rewards payment set by you (£300 minimum applies); or
  2. an ‘all in’ success-only fee of 5% of first year salary (not applicable for contract or internal-only roles)
Note that our upfront fee and minimum rewards levels may differ for jobs posted in currencies other than Sterling.


Premium subscriptions start from £299.99 per month and come with a range of features including:


  1. Included ‘fee-free’ job posts
  2. Set your own ‘success-only’ fee level 
  3. Internal-only hiring, harmonisation with existing bounty schemes
  4. Your own job referral and application boards
  5. Access to ClearTalent, Sixley’s specialist and diverse talent pool
  6. Administrator functionality for 200+ users
  7. ATS, HRMS and talent pool integrations; RPO plans

Contact client support at to find out more.

Payments and subscriptions can be made via debit or credit card. For larger rewards fee payments, we can also accept bank transfers with prior arrangement.


Enterprise clients can elect for monthly billing with payments made by bank transfer. 

Let us know when you hire and we’ll collect the rewards payment from you. We’ll then arrange distribution to all those whose recommendations led to your hire, as well as charities chosen by everyone who helped.


Sixley pays rewards via Amazon vouchers or, for larger amounts or non-UK roles, via bank transfer. We make charity payments via bank transfer and on a quarterly basis.



If you’re a premium subscriber, you can opt to pay your rewards due to your employees directly. Contact us on for more details.

When you post a job through Sixley, you accept our current terms and conditions


Premium subscribers should check the specific terms of their contract.

Posting a job

All you will are the basics: Job details along with the contacat details of the people that you would like ask for recommendations.

Collaborators can help you with the job setup and managing candidates. You can select anyone to be a collaborator by simply entering their email address in the “Collabotor” field under the “setup tab” when posting a job.

Under the “Setup” tab when posting a job, you will find “contract type”. There you will be able to select the type of contract that you want, which includes Contract or Permenant.

Under the “Setup” tab when posting a job, you will find “Salary and fees”. There you will be able to select how much you want to offer as a reward and if you want to align the rewards with you internal bount scheme. Selecting to align with internal bounty schemes means that you will pay the rewards out yourself rather than have Sixley process the payments.Toggle Content

You can have a role avialble only to existing staff by checking yes under “Are you only accepting internal applications?” in the “Setup” tab. This will only allow candidates fom your domain to view and apply for vacant roles.

Yes, Sixley can be integrated in your existing ATS/HRMS systems. Please contact your account manager or email us at for more information.

Once you have competed both the “Setup” and “The Job” tabs when posting a job, you will find the “Contacts” tab. Under this tab, you will be able to select who to ask for recommendations.

Once you have completed posting a job, you will be presented with social media options on the confrimations page. There you will find unique social media links for you to share with whomever you wish. Please note, Sixley will only track up to 2 degrees of separation for social media shares.

If you are having trouble determining who to ask from your network, the LinkedIn suggestions will automatically search your network for contacts with the keywords that you selected in “The Job” tab. This will only suggest contacts, you will still have to enter their email into the contact field.

Yes, but you can choose to keep this private. We use the salary to calculate the rewards and fees for jobs using the no-win, no-fee model.

Uploading Contact

Click the profile icon, located in the top right hand corner of the screen: 

If you’re on mobile then you should select the hamburger menu, also in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

In the dropdown menu select ‘Upload Contacts’, this will open the contacts uploading interface. 

In the contacts uploading interface click ‘choose the file’, select the file you previously downloaded/formatted.

Click ‘Upload Contacts’ and if no errors are found ‘Add contacts’ to finalise your upload. 


By definition, a CSV file uses commas to begin a new cell. In other words, when Data Import sees an unescaped comma, it assumes you are starting a new column entry. 

You can escape this restriction, for example to enter the number 1,245 which would usually format into two fields, by using quotation marks. “1,245” will enter as the value all in one field.

Special Symbols

We currently do not process special symbols such as “á” or “É”. You will need to remove these symbols from contact entries to upload to the Sixley system. 

Invalid File Type

We can currently only accept files with a .csv designation. If your file is saved as .xlsx, or any other spreadsheet format, you will need to export it as a ‘Comma-Separated Values’ file prior to uploading. 

Reviewing applicants

All jobs can be found on your Dashboard. By selecting a job, you will be taken to a list of all the candidates.

You will be able select who to interview and who to reject under each job where there is a list of all the candidates.

The Network Maps shows the degrees of separation between you and the candidates. It enables you to indentify who has made the recommendation for a candidate across multiple degrees. So, if a candidate is 4 degrees away from you, you will be able to see who has led to candidate being identified.

Closing a role

Under your user dashboard, select the relevant role and click on hired button on the title bar of the selected candidate.

For Essential and Premium users, an invoice will be generated and charged to your account. Your recommenders will be issued their rewards and a thank you message will be sent to them.

If you are posting a single role and you have have selected to pay an upfront fee, then you will be charged this when the job goes live. Reward fees will be payable only when someone is hired is Sixley.

If you are on a Premium package, you will be invoiced on a monthly basis. 

Applying or suggesting a candidate

If you have candidates in mind that you feel might be appropriate for the role, then by clicking on “Make a Suggestion” button found on the landing page from the link that you have received via email or social media. You will then be able to enter the details for the people that you want to suggest. Your suggested candidates will be contacted by Sixley automatically, and they will be able to decide if they are interested in being considered for the role.

This function enables you to share the role with your network via social media and WhatsApp. You will not have to suggest anyone specifically, and the hirers will be able to see if the respondents have come from you.

If you are interested in applying for the role that you have received. Simply click on the “I Might Be Interested in the Role” found on the landing page from the link for the role that you have received via email or social media. You will then be able to enter your details for the hirer to review.

Using ClearTalent

ClearTalent is Sixley’s programme to partner with professional organisations and their network of members who have specialised skills. Under ClearTalent, Sixley is hoping to faciliate diversity hiring by enable Hirers to access networks of professionals normally otherside of their reach. Sixley partners with profressional organisation based on their mission and accreditdation to ensure that the best cadidates stand out. ClearTalent allows hirers to select which network that they would like search for candidates. Those within the selected networks with match credientials will then be able to express interest in the role and will be present on your dashboard for consideration.

ClearTalent differs from Sixley’s recommendations process. Under ClearTalent, hirers do not have ask a specific person for recommendation

Sixley will charge a no-win, no-fee rate of 5% of the annual salary. This fee will be shared with the specific network and recommenders that led to the hire.

If you have a specific skill or credential that is not currently available on ClearTalent’s networks, please contact your account manager or email support and we will seek out and onboard a network that meets your needs.


Rewards are distributed when a role is closed. Sixley will automatically issue voucher where relevant or an email will be sent to those who are to received a bank transfer. Where a hirer has selected to make the reward payments directly to internal recommenders, Sixley will charge a closing fee £50 for charity contributions and admin.

Yes, you can set your reward amount subject to a minimum £300 for permenant roles.

Sixley can issue vouchers with a maximum value of £999 per voucher. In cases where the rewards exceed £999, we will contact reward pool members and arrange for a bank transfer. For international rewards, we will contact reward pool members and arrange for a bank transfer.

Charity Contributions

To say thank you for making  recommendation, a portion of every reward pool goes into a charity pot. The split is determined by the votes of Sixley’s recommenders and applicants. 


Successful recommenders can also choose to share some of their reward with a charity.

Everyone who has made a recommendation or has applied will receive an email from Sixley asking them to vote for one of charities presented to them. In order to allow of additional charities to enter into consideration, we will use the weighted average votes at the end of financial year to determine the winning charity. Sixley staff do not get to vote, otherwise the RSPCA and Four Paws would win every time.