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Why Sixley


Get recommended applicants

We all want them. But asking for, following up on and rewarding referrals takes days or even weeks.


Turn days of work into minutes

Sixley’s engine helps you identify who to ask. Then it does the asking, follow up, applications, tracking, closing-out and referral rewarding.


Track the full referral chain

If it’s not the role for them, those asked can suggest someone else. Sixley ‘daisy chains’ these referrals to bridge the six degrees to your hire.

Engage your networks with Sixley

Ask and reward your staff, diversity or industry networks for talent.

Simply, securely and for the cost of a job advert.

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Why referrals

The power of recommendation

We believe that industry recommendations bring in the best hires - professionally, personally, and culturally. Here’s why we’re right.

Diverse and specialist

Ask diverse or specialist networks to actively invite others into your company

Used by the best

Referrals can account for nearly 50% of all hires at top-performing firms.


Applicants recommended by their peers are 15 times more likely to be hired and twice as likely to stay for at least 2 years than a jobs board applicant


Engage your staff in hiring while rewarding them and their charities

How it works

Six degrees of talent separation

The right hire may be a few degrees away from you. Like an ex-colleague’s contact’s contact. By joining up these referrals, we bridge the six degrees to your hire.



It takes minutes to register and set upyour job. Set your own reward level and get going.



Choose trusted contacts from your networks to recommend potential candidates from theirs. Share too with staff, diversity groups, referral boards, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, or Slack networks.


Recommend or apply

Your network can apply, suggest others, or share with their own communities.


Automatic follow-up

Our engine reminds, follows-up on and tracks recommendation-to-recommendation and every application.



You review applicants, see network engagement and connect with candidates via our smart hiring dashboard or your ATS.


Reward on hire

You interview, you hire. We close out and take care of recommender rewards and charity donations.

Powerful features

Features for every company

Get going with our online platform or integrate into your hiring stack. It’s up to you.

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Ready to go
  • Get going in minutes
  • Permanent, contract or internal-only hiring
  • Multi-platform messaging and social sharing
  • Real-time mapping and reporting
  • Multi-currency
  • Upfront fee or success-only options
  • Rewards made via vouchers or cash
  • Online support
Diverse talent pools
  • Integrate with company or own contacts
  • Access to ClearTalent, Sixley’s specialist and diverse talent pool (option)
  • Link your own talent pools (option)
Corporate features
  • Admin for up to 200+ users
  • Flexible rewards
  • Harmonise with existing bounty scheme
  • Job referral and application boards
  • ATS / HRMS integrations
  • RPO option
  • Account management


Fully managed rewards programme

Most of the reward pool goes to those whose recommendations lead – directly or indirectly – to your hire. They can keep it or choose to share some with a charity.

To thank referrals that don’t lead to a hire, we put at least 5% of the pool into our shared charity pot - voted on by everyone who helped. So every referral matters.

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rewards set by you*
*£300 minimum reward level
success fee
of which
half goes to
and charities

Why Recommend

A helping hand

Your recommendations help others find work and rebuild their lives.


Startups and FTSE 100 companies alike trust us with their networks when seeking personally recommended hires.


Someone you know has thought of you for this specific role. But, if it’s not quite right for you, is there anyone else who might be interested?


If your recommendation leads to a successful hire, you get a share of our fee. It’s our way of saying thank you.


A hirer only hears about people who actively apply for their roles – and never those who’ve been suggested but aren’t interested.

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