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Bridging the six degrees between you and your perfect hire.
That's the magic of Sixley.

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How it works

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    Start the trail

    Choose credible people to help you find the hire, and enter their details.

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    Sixley keeps it going

    Our platform sends out personalised emails, inviting your contacts to apply, recommend candidates, or others who could help. There’s no limit to how far the recommendation trail could go.

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    Track and hire applicants

    Manage candidates in your Sixley dashboard. If a hire is made, a reward is then shared between everyone involved and a donation made to charity.

Six degrees of talent separation

Sixley helps you get recommendations from your trusted network. And we follow up on their recommendations, through every degree of separation, until you find that gold dust hire.

Why Sixley

The power of recommendation

We believe that industry recommendations bring in the best hires - professionally, personally, and culturally. Here’s why we’re right.

It’s faster

Referred candidates are 55% faster to hire than those found through career sites.

People stay longer

Referred hires are twice as likely to stay for two or more years than those found through a jobs board.

Preferred by blue-chip

Referrals can account for nearly 50% of all hires at top-performing firms.

Brings in passive candidates

80% of HR professionals believe passive candidates become the most effective employees.

Fairer fees

A fairer way to hire

We run on a rewards based system to motivate and thank our recommenders. Sixley also donates to charity for every successful hire.

7total fee

As a digital platform, we’re able to charge a fraction of the fee of a headhunter or agency. And you only pay if you hire.

3recommender rewards

Split fairly between those who led to the hire. They can donate some, or all of this to charity.

1/2for charity

We work with selected charities who help the disadvantaged into work. Recommenders choose how this is split.

31/2for Sixley

Our fee for making it happen.


Your network remains your network.
We only contact people about roles at their or a recommender’s behest.

And what you choose to do is private - a hirer will only ever hear about you if you are actively interested in the role.


We’re currently working with a number of FTSE-100, national and tech clients.

Please contact us to find out more.

Charity partners

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