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Diverse, specialist and trusted

When hirers share role with their networks,
get them to share roles with yours

Give someone a golden ticket

For someone interested in a new role, being referred or invited to apply is like winning a golden ticket.

According to data from the US, referred candidates are 15-20 times more likely to be hired than someone who’s heard about a role through a normal jobs board.


However, it’s only a hirer’s own network that gets asked for referrals. Meaning that great candidates are often shut out.


Communities, part of Sixley’s ClearTalent programme, changes that.


Through Sixley, our clients ask their networks and peers for recommendations and applications.


With Communities, they can also share their roles with targeted diverse, specialist and trusted communities.  


If you’re a network or a group, Communities opens up valuable career opportunities to your members while also rewarding you every time someone is hired – directly or via a subsequent recommendation – by your community.

For hirers


When a company uses Sixley to hire, they can also choose to share their roles with 3rd party job and referral boards. They are often looking to reach into diverse and specialist networks and ‘invite in’ talent who may otherwise not have seen their role.


3rd party boards can be added by a company only if they meet the rules set by the board owner. Once added, a recruitment manager can decide on a job-by-job basis which pre-approved boards their roles go to.   

For communities


With our Communities programme, you can set up your own job and referral boards that get populated by our clients. All you need to do is register with Sixley and then supply some information on your board, who it’s aimed at and which companies can use it. Then just share the board link. 


You can see how it works using the button below or, if your organisation is already registered with Sixley, you can request the creation of a board using the form button. 


Or contact if you need to find out more. 


See how it works

Using your board link, your members can apply, recommend others or share roles.


If they apply, they’ll be presented alongside referrals from the hirer’s own network. 


Or of someone is hired as a result of an application or recommendations from your board, we share a reward with you or a chosen charity.


And no one sees your members’ details unless they, or someone they recommend, applies for a role.

For your members or others they trust

Valuing recommendations

At Sixley, we appreciate the expertise that goes into every recommendation. So it seems only fair that we share our fee with those who recommend others.


Between 50% and 80% of our fee is shared with those whose recommendations or networks lead – either directly or indirectly – to a hire.

You can keep the reward or donate some to one of our partner charities.


Whether you are an individual or a network, the rewards can be substantial. You can find out more at the main Sixley pages or by contacting us below. 

Diverse, specialist and trusted communities

Diversity Networks


Our clients are actively seeking diversity of skills, thought, background and experience. Communities ensures that every role is opened right across the rich potential of today's society.

Industry Groups


We span all sectors from finance to television, law to technology. Members from industry groups and associations hear first about new roles often designed with them in mind.

Groups & Societies


Publications, societies and groups with a distinct or attractive membership profile are welcome to create boards.

Sixley Talent


This includes people who have been previously recommended for a specific role via Sixley. Most of these will have suggested strong applicants or been interviewed by a client.

If you're a Community, join our Community