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Our story

As you may expect, our story began with a recommendation.  


I was approached about a senior role with a well-known media company. It wasn’t right for me but, knowing the industry, I suggested someone. They were hired and tripled turnover over 5 years.


It got me thinking. If your peers know who’s best for a job, why can’t we make it easy and fair for them to suggest others and share roles amongst their own professional and diverse communities? 


And, if someone helps – by referring the right hire or sharing the role with their expert communities – shouldn’t this be rewarded?


Connecting the six degrees that separate a role from a great hire. That’s the story of Sixley. 


Paul Naha-Biswas, Founder and CEO


Apply, recommend or share

Sixley’s online platform makes it easy to recommend and share roles with your trusted network.

You may have been asked if you know anyone for a role via Sixley. If so, you can either recommend specific individuals for Sixley to email on your behalf or send them a personal link via your preferred messaging platform such as LinkedIn or WhatsApp. You can also recommend them anonymously if you prefer.


If you want to share the role more widely, you can generate a social media post to share with your LinkedIn, Slack or WhatsApp communities.


Or, if you’re interested in the role yourself, you can let the hirer know and they’ll be notified straight away.


Rewarding recommendations

We appreciate that while a recommendation takes just a moment to make, it takes a lifetime of experience to create.


As a token of our thanks, we share at least half our fee with those whose recommendations or social share have led – even indirectly – to a hire.


Rewards are normally issues as e-gift vouchers or, for larger rewards, we can arrange a bank transfer. 


And if you want to share some of your good fortune, we can arrange for a proportion of your reward to go directly to a charity of your choice.

At Sixley, we take privacy seriously. 


So, whenever you recommend someone, they only get contacted about that specific role.


We don’t contact them again unless they explicitly ask us to or unless someone else recommends them for a role.


A hirer only sees those who apply for a role. They don’t see those who have been recommended but aren’t interested.


And if they apply, your recommendation means they’re 15-20 times more likely to be hired than a jobs board applicant.

Recommend with confidence

Frequently asked questions

If you’ve been contacted about a role or seen a social post, you need to use the link or personal key to make recommendations or apply. It will take you to the role’s mini-site where you can recommend someone or generate a social message or post.  

Each email or post link is personalised to those who send and receive it. That way we can ensure the provenance of each applicant and ensure that we know how to fairly share the rewards pool once a hire has been made.

Yes – as long as you have their email address, we can contact them anonymously on your behalf. If they do apply, the hirer will have been told to keep your details confidential from the applicant.

After the job search has closed, we’ll let you know whether your recommendations led, directly or indirectly, to a hire. However, our privacy policy means that we can’t name anyone who applied or was hired for the role.


We also put a portion of our success fees into a charity pot which is voted on by all recommenders. So every recommendation – successful or unsuccessful – makes a difference. 

The reward is shared amongst those in the chain that led to the hire. 


You can see the exact amount that you would receive if someone you recommended was hired by using your personal link to the role’s mini-site.


But, if you shared the role with an old colleague and one of their suggestions was hired, you would still share in the reward.


Rewards are normally issued through e-vouchers of your choosing e.g. Amazon vouchers. For larger amounts, we can arrange a bank transfer.   

Yes. When we contact you to arrange payment, you can donate some or all of your reward to a charity of your choosing.

We send your details including how you heard about the role and any recommendations to the hirer. If they ask to meet you, we’ll make the introduction and you will both take it from there.

If you’ve been recommended, you have a very high chance of being interviewed and are 15-20 times more likely to be hired than a jobs board applicant.

The person who recommended you will not know that you’ve applied for a role unless you tell them.

Absolutely. Referrals are the most successful way of inviting diversity into a firm and dramatically boost an applicant’s chances of success.

Our team has a track record in running diversity access schemes and our programme, ClearTalent, makes roles available to diverse and specialist groups.

We bridge the ‘six degrees of separation’ between a hirer and a great hire. Hence, Sixley.  

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