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Formatting & uploading contacts files

Learn how to create and format CSV contacts files for import.

Acquiring your contacts data

Follow instructions provided by Google to export contacts to ‘Google CSV’:

Google Instructions

Follow instructions provided by Google to export users in the Admin Console ensuring you select ‘All user info columns’ and the export format is ‘Comma-seperated values’:

Google Instructions

Follow instructions provided by Microsoft to export contacts to a ‘Comma-Seperated Values’ file:

Microsoft Instructions

Follow instructions provided by your contacts system provider to export contacts to ‘Comma-seperated values’ or any spreadsheet format.


Formatting your file

Sixley accepts your file types automatically, you can progress straight to upload.

If you have any trouble uploading you can follow formatting instructions for ‘Other systems & fail-safe method’.

  1. Download the Sixley template document:

    Download Sixley CSV Template

  2. Using a spreadsheet editor, import the data from your contacts export field-by-field into the Sixley template. 

Uploading to Sixley

Click the profile icon, located in the top right hand corner of the screen: 

If you’re on mobile then you should select the hamburger menu, also in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

In the dropdown menu select ‘Upload Contacts’, this will open the contacts uploading interface. 

In the contacts uploading interface click ‘choose the file’, select the file you previously downloaded/formatted.

Click ‘Upload Contacts’ and if no errors are found ‘Add contacts’ to finalise your upload. 


By definition, a CSV file uses commas to begin a new cell. In other words, when Data Import sees an unescaped comma, it assumes you are starting a new column entry. 

You can escape this restriction, for example to enter the number 1,245 which would usually format into two fields, by using quotation marks. “1,245” will enter as the value all in one field.

Special Symbols

We currently do not process special symbols such as “á” or “É”. You will need to remove these symbols from contact entries to upload to the Sixley system. 

Invalid File Type

We can currently only accept files with a .csv designation. If your file is saved as .xlsx, or any other spreadsheet format, you will need to export it as a ‘Comma-Separated Values’ file prior to uploading. 

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