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What do you do?

Sixley helps organisations find better hires, personally recommended by people they trust and respect. Our fees are much lower than recruitment agencies, and we give half of those fees to our recommenders, along with the charities they choose to support.

So, are you a headhunter or a recruitment agency?

No. We’re a digital platform that helps hirers ask for recommendations from people who they trust and their extended network. We automatically follow up on each recommendation or suggestion and invite potential applicants to express their interest in a role. We pass on details submitted by interested parties electronically to hirers who then decide whether to interview and, ultimately, hire them.

Why the name, Sixley?

Like the actor, Kevin Bacon, Sixley believes that every hirer is connected through ‘six degrees of separation’ or less to the perfect candidate – they just don’t know who they are or how to reach them.

Who’s behind Sixley?

Our team and investors include former senior executives from the media, telecoms, tech, recruitment and financial industries. We’ve been working with a number of leading British companies to make hiring fairer and better for all. Some of our clients and partners are listed on our homepage. If you want to find out more, you can email us at


How do I recommend someone?

Once you’ve been sent a job, you can suggest someone on your unique job mini-site, which you can access in two ways:

  1. Click on the link in the personally-addressed email that you’ve received.
  2. Go to and enter your personal key and the email address you were sent the job on.

From there, all you need to do is enter the name and email address of the person you’d like to suggest.

Will that person know that I’ve suggested them?  Will they see what I wrote about them?

Normally, the person you recommend will receive an email sent on your behalf by Sixley – so they’ll know that you suggested them. 

You can also recommend someone anonymously if you like – so they won’t know that it was you who suggested them. Instead, they’ll receive an email from one of the Sixley team telling them that a contact of theirs thought they could make suggestions or might be interested in the job. We ask you to write a small note saying why you’ve suggested them – this reassures the person you’ve suggested that the recommendation is legitimate.

How much money will I get if I recommend someone who takes the job?

The money you (or a charity of your choice) receives after your suggestion leads to a hire is dependent on how many other people were involved in finding that candidate. For example, if you received the job straight from the hiring team, then suggested a colleague, and that colleague recommended the successful candidate, the reward would be split between you and your colleague.

When will I hear back about the recommendations I’ve made?

After the job search has closed, we’ll let you know whether someone you recommended was hired. If they have, then as soon as we’ve been paid by our client, we’ll contact you to pay your reward via bank transfer.

If I don’t know the right hire, but suggest others who do, what ‘share of’ the reward do I get?

We don’t know at the outset how many people will need to work together to find a successful candidate for a particular role. So, unless you directly recommend the right hire, we can only state the total reward that will be split between everyone who helps – which may include you, the people who suggested you, and people who you subsequently recommend.

What happens if someone else suggests the same person that I do?

Sixley rewards the recommender whose unique email link the successful candidate clicked through on to register interest. That’s likely to be the first person who sent them the job, so it pays to act quickly!

What happens if the hirer already knows the person I suggest?

As long as they weren’t already in discussions or considering them for the role – that’s fine.

Why do I need to validate my email address?

To make sure that everyone gets rewarded fairly, we need to confirm that you are the person who the original recommendation email was addressed to. By validating your email address, we know that the recommendation got to the right person!


I may be interested in the role, what should I do?

By clicking on the link in the email you received, you can find out more about the job and let the hirer know that you may be interested. Most of the information that we ask for is optional but, for popular roles, it helps the hirer decide who to prioritise as well as ‘breaking the ice’ in a first conversation.

Will Sixley screen my application?

If you’re interested in a role, we pass on your self-entered information directly to the hirer. We don’t get involved further in the hiring process e.g. in screening or interviewing.

Will I definitely hear back if I register interest?

Yes, Sixley or the hirer will keep you informed throughout the process.

If I apply for a role, will the person who recommended me know?

The person who recommended you will only know that you’ve opened their email and clicked on their link – not the specific action that you took. However, if you do get hired, we’ll need to let the person who led to your hire know and that they’re getting a reward.

I’ve been recommended but am not interested in the job – will the hirer see my details?

The hirer only sees the details of people who actively register interest in the job. If you’re not interested, then the hirer will not know that you were recommended for the role.

What else will you do with my data?

You can read our full privacy policy at


How does Sixley donate to charity?

We put around 5% of our fees into a charity pot. Everyone who recommends someone can vote on how this pot is split. It’s our way of saying thanks – even if your suggestions didn’t lead to a hire.

Which charities do you support?

We’ve selected charities whose work goes to help others less fortunate find and thrive in employment. At the moment, that’s Centrepoint (registered charity number 292411) and Women for Women International (registered charity number 1115109) and we’ll be bringing on more charities in the coming months.

Why can’t I nominate a charity to reward rather than have to pick from Sixley’s list?

From a regulatory perspective, we can only make donations to selected, pre-screened charities.

Can I donate some of my own reward to charity?

Sure, you can donate some, all or none of your reward to charity. You can do this when we contact  you to arrange transfer of your reward.


How does Sixley work?

We help you tap into your extended network to find only interested, qualified applicants who have been personally recommended by their peers as right for your role.

Our homepage,, explains how we work. If you want to find out more, you can email us at and we’ll call you back.

Is Sixley easy to use?

We’ve spent 12 months working with recruiters and hiring managers in companies big and small to make our process simple and intuitive.  So, we’re non-exclusive, charge only if we find you the hire, and we keep the contract simple. We also manage all recommender rewards and communicate with the applicants that you choose not to meet.

If you’ve already got a job description to hand, it takes about 15 minutes to get a job search up-and-running. We’ll help you with the first few hires and, when you’re ready, you can do it all yourself on our web-based digital platform.

What type of role is Sixley best for?

Every role has a need for personal recommendations and we’ve been approached for roles with remuneration ranging from £25k to over £500k.

We’re currently focused on the private sector and particularly active in the media, tech, telco, finance and professional services sectors.

Are you an AI-platform?

Finding the right hire is tricky as a lot depends on aptitude, skills and fit that are often difficult to extract from a CV alone. Because of this, we believe that the best hires come recommended from industry peers and colleagues – people who know you and understand the role well. So any AI-enabled features we deploy are designed to aid, not replace, the personal recommendations process.

I’m ready to hire

That’s great – email us at and we’ll call you back and get your search up and running!