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Welcome to BT's talent recommendations centre

Our new referral scheme, powered by Sixley, lets you easily and securely recommend people and share roles with your networks.


You might get asked to help with a role. If so, can you think about who you could recommend or, if no-one comes to mind, could you share the role with your networks via LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Slack?


If a recommendation or a share leads to a hire – either directly or indirectly – you’ll share in a reward.


And every recommendation effects a donation to charity as well as entering you into a monthly draw for some very special prizes too.


Check out below for news, tips as well as the recommender leaderboard! 

Last month's top 10 recommenders

Congratulations to our top 10 recommenders who, in addition to any rewards from hires they may get, also all receive a £50 Amazon voucher.


Thanks to everyone who made a recommendation this month. You were all entered into a draw with Sally Fields from Legal drawn at random. She wins a weekend away at London’s Atheneum hotel with £300 spending money! 


Send us a postcard, Sally!

How do hirers use Sixley?
How does Sixley help?

Sixley is an online platform that makes it easy for you and your team to ask for and reward recommendations from colleagues, industry peers or your LinkedIn and other social networks.


Uniquely, Sixley allows everyone contacted about your role to apply, recommend someone else or share the role with their communities. By joining up the path of referral to referral, we ‘bridge the six degrees’ to a hire. 


We track every interaction and connect you with recommended people who are actively interested in your role. With full provenance, you can then decide whether you want to meet or reject applicants.


When a role is closed, every recommender or applicant is contacted. We automatically reward everyone in the path that led to your hire with Amazon vouchers or, if they prefer, with a donation to a charity of their choice. 


We believe that every recommendation matters, so we allocate some of the reward to a charity pot that’s voted on by unsuccessful recommenders. It’s a small way of saying thanks.


For our premium clients, we offer a range of integrated services designed to put referrals into every role. Through ClearTalent, we also allow them to automatically share roles with matched individuals from a range of diverse and specialist talent pools.

Sixley works across all roles:

  1. permanent
  2. contract 
  3. roles only open to your existing employees (internal-only) 


For permanent roles, you can choose whether to pay an upfront fee with rewards set by you payable on hire or to pay on a success-only basis. For contract and internal-only roles, you will be charged an upfront fee .


While we are based in the UK, we operate in multiple currencies and locations. 

Sixley is a powerful tool to help you ask and reward your network for personally recommended talent.


To get the most out of it, we suggest the following:


  1. Have a job description to hand when you fill in the ‘Post a Job’ section
  2. Prioritise the ‘job teaser’ and key words sections  – these are what people base their recommendations on
  3. Involve the hiring manager by setting them up as a collaborator 
  4. Make sure the hiring manager’s team are engaged and are put down as first contacts
  5. Use the LinkedIn buttons to identify people within your company and your own network who could help
  6. Use the social media links function to post on LinkedIn and relevant Slack or WhatsApp networks. Encourage your colleagues to to do the same.  
  7. Ask your Account Manager to set up your company referral boards. You can create separate, trackable and shareable boards for staff, alumni, and diversity groups.


Yes, Sixley can support multiple currencies. When posting a job; under the “setup” tab, you will find a field under “Salaries and Fees” where you can enter the relevant currency. Rewards will paid via bank transfers for recommenders based outside of the UK.


The reward pool is split evenly amongst all those in the successful recommendation chain. 


Rewards are issued as Amazon vouchers which means that you do not have to share any of your bank details or personal details.

Rewards are distributed when a role is closed. Sixley will automatically issue voucher where relevant or an email will be sent to those who are to receive a bank transfer. 


Where a hirer has selected to make the reward payments directly to internal recommenders, Sixley will notify staff and payments will be made by your employer.

In some situations including where a recommender is not based in the UK, Sixley can arrange for a bank transfer to be made. In this situation, a small administrative charge is deducted from the reward to cover bank fees.

Charity Contributions

To say thank you for making  recommendation, a portion of every reward pool goes into a charity pot. The split is determined by the votes of Sixley’s recommenders and applicants. 


Successful recommenders can also choose to share some of their reward with a charity.

Everyone who has made a recommendation or has applied will receive an email from Sixley asking them to vote for one of charities presented to them. In order to allow of additional charities to enter into consideration, we will use the weighted average votes at the end of financial year to determine the winning charity. 

Been asked to recommend?

Here’s our top tips on making a recommendation or sharing roles:

If you’re the hirer, a great starting point is to share the role with your immediate colleagues and your own internal network. They’re most likely to understand the role and what it takes to be a brilliant hire.


If you’re not the hirer, are their people in other teams who may be interested or have ideas? 

If you know someone who may be right for the role, the most powerful thing you can do is to personally recommend them. A recommendation means that they’re more likely to apply for the role and are 15-20 times more likely to be hired than a jobs board applicant.


You can also recommend people anonymously and, if they’re hired, you’ll still share in the reward.

A diverse team makes us better at understanding our market, challenging our thinking and attracting the best talent. 


So, we’re asking you to also think widely about people who can bring diverse experiences and skills to our team. This can includes people from a range of backgrounds and locations as well as work returners and people from different industries.


If you run a diverse network, share the role with them. If that’s an internal network, we also can create a dedicated referral board just for you. Ask the administrator if you’re interested in finding out more.  

With Sixley, you can easily and securely share a role with your LinkedIn, social networks or diversity / professional groups.


When you use the platform to share a job, it will generate a unique post for you that will let people who see it apply or recommend someone else for a role.


And if someone is hired as a result of your link – either directly or indirectly (i.e. from the recommendation of someone who has used your link), then you will still share in the reward.

Even if you don’t know anyone who’s right for the role, you can suggest or share it with someone who may have some ideas.


And, if someone they recommend is hired, you’ll still share in the reward.