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Paul Naha-Biswas, CEO and Founder at Sixley: Helping Businesses Recruit Through The Power of Recommendation

By Dana Leigh Sixley is an online platform that helps businesses find great hires through the power of recommendations. If you're hiring, the thing you want most is to find someone who's interested, capable and been recommended for the job by someone you trust.

Five things you need to know before blind recruiting

There's been a lot of talk about using blind recruiting when deciding who to call for interview. But, does it work and what's the risk? As a recap, blind recruiting strips out information that may trigger recruiter bias at the CV screening stage.

Lessons From 2008: How Could a Recession Be Beneficial for the UK Economy?

Paul Naha-Biswas, founder and CEO of , shares some of the outcomes of the 2008 recession and how a similar economic downturn could lead to greater innovation and success in UK businesses. On 12 August, the worst-kept secret in the country came out, and the UK entered a recession for the first time in eleven years.

Hirers need to stop being open to diverse applicants

In the mid-1990s, Cambridge University was consistently losing 30% of the nation's brightest minds. Which, for one of the world's most academic universities, was a problem. The issue was diversity. While 70% of those who had the very top grades to get into Cambridge came from a state high school, only 40% of entrants were actually state-educated.

Chancellor's Spending Review: Why The Government Should Plug The Skills Gap

During the coronavirus pandemic, @RishiSunak has succeeded where many in the cabinet have failed and managed to keep the public on side, with 64% of Brits approving of his work as Chancellor. This popularity is mostly down to the huge funds his department has pumped into the economy throughout the...

What algorithms did to A-levels, they're doing to your hiring

We've become all-too-familiar with the havoc and stress that the so-called 'mutant algorithm' caused with this year's A-level results. An algorithm that was initially deemed successful when tested on previous years' results as it "had accurate predictions for more than 90% of students within plus or minus one grade".

How we're taking Imposter Syndrome out of the job hunt

We've all probably heard the phrase 'imposter syndrome' but what does it actually mean? Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern, where an individual doubts their own accomplishments or talents, and has a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud despite being able to perform their job, or a task, with no issues.

Ten in Ten with Sam Butler, Business Development Director at Antstream

After being recommended through Sixley, Sam Butler took up an incredibly exciting position heading up business development for Antsream. A retro games platform that features over a thousand of our favourite releases from yesteryear, Anstream offers both casual and hardcore gamers alike the chance to relive the titles that shaped modern gaming.

Saying thanks. Five rules to respect the help someone gave you and the value that it holds

In my working life, I often ask peers or contacts for help - whether that's giving a viewpoint, sharing some knowledge or providing an introduction. And, for what appears to be 10 minutes of their time, I always say thanks. It seems fair, but is a simple thanks enough?

7 Ideas to Inspire Your Home Office

With a second lockdown looking likely, how are you feeling about working from home again? With this news comes flashbacks of awkward video calls littered with terrible internet connections, constant technical issues and back pain triggered by makeshift desks.

Six(ley) degrees of Kevin Bacon

With the latest lockdown measures enforcing limitations on our social groups, it's got us thinking about the whole 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' craze that took over offices, living rooms and beer gardens a few years back. You know the one, where any Hollywood figure can be linked with the Footloose star in six or less steps?

The Sixley Sessions at the Ivy Club.

For the past 50 years, shareholder profit has been the overriding factor in the way businesses work, think and hire. But, with today's consumer responsibility replacing yesterday's consumerism, businesses are increasingly looking to be 'good citizens' and reflect the culture and issues that matter most to their customers and employees alike.

Sharing's Caring or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sharing Economy

In the spring of 2006, after travelling for 36 hours, I was at the Cannes TV festival where I saw a couple of Chinese students in their dorm room lip sync to the Backstreet Boys on YouTube. And that, announced the moderator to the TV execs gathered, was 'the future'.

Five tips for onboarding in 'the new normal'

There it is, that phrase that we're all a little (very) sick of hearing rearing its ugly head once more. As the world attempts to readjust to whatever the future may now look like, the way all of us work has most likely changed for a long time - if not forever.

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